Overview of rumors about new TV series which will start in 2017

Overview of rumors about new TV series which will start in 2017

Michael Bay is trying on the trend of “cool little girl”.

If Millie Bobby Brown from the series “Very strange things” and Daphne kin of “Logan” will star in a movie, it would be a real combo of the cool kids. Now they can join the Isabela Moner. 15-year-old actress is in the centre of the new trailer for “transformers: the Last knight”.

Ryan Murphy prepared to launch another series

The Creator of “American horror story” and “Hostility” found a new project.

The next series for the FX channel called “Pose,” and, unlike other recent works of the show-run, it will not be an anthology.

The scene will be in new York 1980-ies in its various manifestations: the thrill of luxury amid the growing popularity of Donald trump, the life of the business part of the city, the development of the literary scene, the nightlife of the gay community.

Shooting the pilot episode will begin in October 2017. Put it Ryan Murphy. Already started casting. Reportedly, preference will be given to mostly new and little-known persons.

The producers of the project will be Nina Jacobson and brad Simpson. The script responsible for Murphy, his colleague brad Falchuk and Steven Canals. “Posture” will premiere in 2018.

Now showrunner is busy preparing for the seventh season of American horror story, and the second and third seasons of American crime story. It also became known that American horror story 7 season release date announced in the spring 2017. He also announced a second season of “Hostility”, which started on March 5, 2017.

Tom Hardy will be written in “Army” from the Director of “Rob a casino”

Streaming service Netflix has spent a seven-figure sum for the purchase of the project “Army”, which will remove Andrew Dominik.

Plot details were not disclosed. It is only known that the film is based on real events that survived the Marines. In the title role, will star Tom hardy.

New Zealand Director Andrew Dominik famous drawling Western “As cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James” and the Thriller “casino Robbery”. New project sprodyusiruet company Dominic Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Films.

The draft Dominic fought Amazon, Universal and Lionsgate, but Netflix was able to offer producers more curious conditions.

The script, the Director will write, in cooperation with Harrison Quiri. This aspiring author who last fall sold his script the Studio Lionsgate. It is talking about the real case of exorcism on a military base. Kwiri also wrote the Thriller, “Honour for sale” (Honor for Sale), which impressed the Director of “the Road” John Hillcoat.

Hardy this year can be seen in the TV series “Taboo”, also produced by Scott Free Films. In summer, the actor will appear in the military the tape of Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk”.

Andrew Dominic’s plans were the film “Blonde” about Marilyn Monroe, which was supposed to play Jessica Chastain. But while this project can not hear anything.

Author: DmisJosef